Saturday, 15 December 2012

Not yet ready for Christmas

Apologies for lack of anything resembling blogging. No internet since November 29th - the joys of BT, for two days I tried to sort it out, it took 36 phone calls, each time being passed to a different person, from continent to continent, 9 hours on the phone and still no result. But apparently I may have service at the end of next week. For now it's an occasional trip to town as mobile dongles don't work here either. Hey ho.

Meanwhile, I have moved. Plants are here, sitting soggily in boxes and bags in a field so wet it almost needs waders.

Kit is here, squashed into a shed awaiting sorting one day not too soon.
Boxes are here, squashed into what was once but never again will be a garage.
And most house contents are here. Some have stayed behind for visiting family at the other house and for the housesitter, and so it still looks like a house rather than something sadly vacant. I'm hoping the people who really want to buy it will sell theirs very soon. Or that one of the other couples who are interested will do likewise.

In spring I'm going to be using flowers from both places, I haven't had the opportunity to plant here so will be getting boxes of my gorgeous tulips sent down twice a week from Herefordshire. By summer everything here should be in fairly full swing. It's exciting but incredibly daunting.

When I find my camera I'll  take some pictures, but it is currently hiding somewhere in one of so many boxes that I can't quite bring myself to attack quite yet.....