Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Hosts of hellebores

One reason I hardly ever blog is because my broadband makes it bloody difficult. It can take around 25 minutes to get logged on, write something upload some photos, have the photos deleted for no reason, lose the text, lose everything....... 25 minutes is several bnarrows of compost or manure, a lot of weeding, or planting, or picking, or arranging, or mailing. 

I keep getting emails about superfast broadband coming my way one day. The look again and one day is by 2020. O.62 Mb speed is scarcely functionning.....

There was some text with this, but I can't take the time to do it again. But here are some pretty pics of some of the many hells in the garden, it refused to upload any more for some unknown reason... and a glimpse of the magnifcent magnolias, and some pretty little windflowers now carpeting the wild garden among the primroses and daffs.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

How long?

Note to self in November didn't seem to work. Hey ho. Current note in Into Gardens explains current love of the quiet of winter before the rush starts.

An advertisment for a part time wild floristry assistant has just garnered 42 replies. I don't know how to sort them all out as so many sound delightful.