Thursday, 2 July 2009

Weeding. And More Weddings.

Still weeding. I think that should be my catchphrase. The good thing about always taking on more than I can possibly manage is that things just may happen, the bad thing is that the weeds just may take over. I have had to sacrifice a couple of blocks of annuals that I just couldn't get to in time but it's all a learning curve. Next year I am having 90 per cent perennials in the central hedged acre, annuals are moving out below the tunnel - the ones I sowed there more in hope than expectation all germinated and are somehow surviving. I put so much mulch on that bit of ground before covering it with landscape membrane for a few months that the soil is much easier than in the main patch where it is still horrific uncompromising clay near the top despite tons of compost. Or it may be that I sowed later so everything had a better chance. Or it may be that corn spurrey hasn't really taken hold over there yet. We have put several tons of mushroom compost as a mulch in places in the hope that it will help neutralise the soil as corn spurrey thrives in slightly acid conditions.

It all sounds grim but actually I am loving it. Flowers are popping open everywhere  - though a friend came round the other evening and said he couldn't see that many.........It is deceptive as everything is currently rather spread over different areas, so there is not a massed effect of colour in the field at this time of year, just patches. But the top gardens are lovely. If weedy!

It's such fun playing with the different colours. Alchemilla has been the main filler for the past few weeks. I'm beginning to use lots of fluffy green ammi foliage now, plus golden rod and aster foliages and herbs, but at this time the flowers really take over and sometimes I don't use any foliage at all. A current favourite combination is lime green nicotiana with cornflowers, and gorgeous frilly knicker picotee poppies are divine.

Two more weddings to prepare for this weekend. So today and tomorrow will be flat out. It's just after 5am and I must go and start picking now. I have a total of 28 jugs, 5 garlands, 10 sheaves of flowers to hang, 1 globe, 7 bouquets and about 20 buttonholes this weekend, as well as hair flowers, cake flowers and a mass of church flowers for one wedding.... One bride wants bright (lots of cornflowers and marigolds with purples, yellows and oranges), and one wants nothing bright but the whole country vintage look with lots of scent, so at least I should be able to distinguish the two!

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