Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Choice and abundance

I've been looking at other available mail order cut flower options. I'm quite sure I haven't got everything right, I seem to be less expensive and provide many more flowers and varieties per bunch and bouquet than the other providers I've come across. But it's hard to tell. It's a joy making up the orders at the moment as there is just so much choice, I get fed up when I just can't possibly put everything in! I have just had someone phone me about the size of the bunches - it is hard to tell from the website as there are not really any specific photos of bouquets going out, mental note to make sure I do get these done for my update - she was worried that the cottage garden bunch might just have enough for a tiny vase or jug. No. These are the kind of flowers that have been going out the last few days - the lily and sanguisorba, liatris etc etc was for the country garden bouquet size, the others are cottage garden bunches.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, the bunches are glorious! Again, I think we all should carry posies instead of purses! My black sunflowers are showing their stuff! Roses are thriving in the high country now. My pumpkins are getting BIG - it's all food for the soul!