Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Rainbow tulips

I mustn't complain about the weather when people in Cumbria are flooded out and here it is mere inconvenience in comparision. There are still 6500 tulip bulbs to plant and my field is puddled with water. I can't think of any way of getting them to dive so they will have to keep waiting. Does anyone have any failsafe methods of planting bulbs in the wet?

The other question - does anyone know how to deal with BT customer services and keep sanguine? The call centre in India is full of very polite people who repeat information very very very very very often often often until I feel like screaming. They have taken three and a half hours of my time since I changed to their broadband services. Avoid them. I am now tied into a contract that I can't get out of so have to grit my teeth.

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