Monday, 19 April 2010

no planes needed!

Sunshine, more sunshine, and tulips galore..... We're now suddenly in tulip- frenzy, very voluptuous flaming purissima this week's favourites, but we're moving into double scented ones, very odd parrot ones that look more like orchids, pretty whites...... dark purples are budding up, but no sign of the viridifloras flowering yet although if the sun keeps shining it will be any day.

We have the Independent coming over on Wednesday to take a look, it would be great to say all will be organised and tidy but no, it is a work in progress here, not helped by the fact I blew up my trusty old rotovator (I now need to find an enthusiast to restore it) so hired one on Friday, it was rubbish so I got them to swap it for another, it wouldn't cope, so I have another one about to arrive for today.

Meanwhile, no planes, no imported flowers. Hooray.

If only the web guys had finally got the ordering system done properly (it has taken several months not to get sorted though I'm sure lots of things have been vastly improved) customers could order just tulips if they wanted, great mixed bunches of 30 different stems as an option to a mixed bunch.... maybe it will happen today!

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