Friday, 24 June 2011

a well blogged wedding

I keep being sent links to the Surrey wedding two weeks ago. V,vintage. This is the one where I thought the wrist corsages didn't work but have to admit they look Ok in the pix, what I can see of them, and the bride loved them. Check it out


  1. Looks beautiful, Charlie. I have a bride in August who wants a wrist corsage instead of a bouquet. Did you just sew them to a ribbon or did you use one of those funny holder things? Jan

  2. The holder things are just so gross, I did try them, and tried ribbon, and in the end presented both as I was happy with neither....! The problem with ribbon is that it slips, the problem with the gross things is that they are gross, the other way I've done them is on raffia which works best as it doesn't slip but isn't best for everyone's taste. I'm taking the coward's way out and not offering to do them anymore..... or one day I may work out the way that suits me - attaching to something sturdy but stretchy like hairband material would work but we're a bit short of shops that might sell that here! Good luck!

  3. Thanks, Charlie. I am getting better at steering people away from things that are difficult to do, but this one seems to have slipped through the net! We have a good haberdasher's nearby so I will have to start experimenting. J x