Monday, 11 July 2011

The gorgeous Natural Wedding Charlie!

Charlie Burton, now Rigg, who runs the amazingly useful and helpful was married last month. She takes such trouble with all the detail and is one of the most delightful people you could hope to come across. Her photos are up on the Love my Dress wedding blog

Full on again for last weekend, a cheery bright wedding in Dorset - an excuse to use lots of purples and oranges which rarely feature in my wedding flowers, photos will I'm sure appear ere long - and a huge party coincidentally in the same area, this required about 65 feet of garlands and the biggest hanging globe I have ever made, loads of branches of spray roses, herbaceous clematis etc trailing down from a mix of foliages, phlox and roses. (No photos from this one as I never feel I should have pictures from seriously private society events). I've finally become entranced by clematis and am now on the case for a mass planting, but the problem with my site is still the wind and it will take another three years minimum to grow the right shelter. But we are still planning on a bit of a mass rose planting this autumn.

After the do's I had the chance to spend a few more days with my mother before heading back home tomorrow. Happily my events were both in the same part of the county as her house. But I'm hoping she may recover enough to come up to mine before too many weeks, still all rather fingers crossed.

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