Saturday, 17 March 2012

It's a shocking industry

I am shocked by the florist industry. My son sent me an ironic/research gesture of some mail order flowers - I always say I never get flowers. For £26.90 - reduced from £36.90 - iflorist sent me a box containing a "bouquet" of four roses, 2 lily heads, 3 pieces of something I don't know about, possibly ruscus ,and two stems (not even sprigs) of eucalyptus. A message card had been omitted.

I suppose they probably will last for weeks looking no better and no worse.

I haven't got any pictures of the ones I sent out for £35 or £45 as I was too busy sending them out but they were similar style to the one below with hyacinths or more tulips or ranunculus substituted for hellebores which I don't send. And I included a posy of 10 bright cheery anemones. And a handwritten message card. And the flowers are home grown. For £25 people have collected from me bunches like the one below.

I am really shocked by the appalling value for money of the ones I was sent. I spoke to a wholesaler who reckoned the whole cost of flowers in that bunch would have been no more than £3.00 and probably considerably less. Which made me think it's no wonder British growers can't compete, and it's no wonder people often think that flowers are overpriced.

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