Friday, 9 November 2012

Going, going, going.....

This is what was happening here first thing this morning. I was almost tearful at first, seeing all my babies leaving home!

So many thanks to Will and Tom Davis who came up from the farm to help when I know they are frantically busy, and to Sparky who came up with a second (necessary) trailer for bags.... Meanwhile, the haulier delivered the trailer unit to Will's farm, and plants will go down the motorway on Monday. All rather major!

And then Annette arrived with Imogen and the gorgeous 3 week old Florence, all of whom got stuck into digging up a trailer full of plants for their cutting gardens. It was lovely to see them, and to see more plants going off to a wonderful new home.

And then, to restore my faith in human nature further, a lovely creative couple came back for a second viewing here, who knows where it will all lead but it was lovely to meet them and talk to some likeminded people who just may end up here, or may not. But all positive anyway.

And to cap it all, Mandy arrived with Posh Dogs mobile dog clipping parlour (brilliant service!) so Mouse is now rather more presentable, although it is now impossible to argue that her rather overfull figure is due to her generous coat!

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