Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Late flowering

Usually I have heaps and heaps of tulips by now. My daughter got married last April and I was worried they would all be over by 21st. But this year a few are just stumbling towards the starting blocks. Consequently mail order is very different from usual years - hellebores are almost finished, tulips are only just about to get into stride. It does feel odd to be scrimping around for things at this time of year!

Also, I am getting the tulips from my Herefordshire patch, then bringing them back here twice a week, so logistics are a bit nuts.

But here I finally got roses into homes, albeit not the homes I had anticipated.

Most of the perennials that I can get into the ground are in the ground. Though there are still a lot of homeless treasures as I still haven't been able to cultivate the field.

Potato boxes are full of various composts for mini growing areas.

The new parking area is almost done.

The new kitchen is almost done where I'll have space for courses as I'm not building a studio yet.

And the sun is almost breaking through. Hurrah!

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