Sunday, 19 May 2013

Chelsea already beckons

How does time pass so fast? Could it be because we're still planting as well as picking and organising flowers to come down from the other gardens and going up to the other gardens this week and weddings and mail orders.....? And we've planted 18 trees in the field this week which is a great joy - perhaps my favourite specimen tree of all, a tulip tree, takes sort of centre stage among beautiful special birches, sorbus, malus and a walnut. One of the reasons I planted them fairly near this end of the field is to try to prevent myself expanding the flower plot too far into the field. Then I realised I can always go the other side of the trees.

Rosa banksia lutea is blooming all over the front of the house, Thursday began with my leaning out of my bedroom window to pick for a bouquet. Heavenly way to start a day.

Chelsea this week, always mixed feelings, I will trip around and see if anything new is going on but I found last year's many rather wild gardens rather uninspiring and the mad tower not quite my thing. I'm taking flowers up for the Gardens Illustrated/RHS lecture at the RGS again, this year it's Piet Oudolf and Jinny Blom, I think I"m going to go completely wildstyle  with lots of trailing foliages and wildflowers, and maybe find a spot for a smallish display majoring on wonderful field grasses, I always think that PO and friends are trying to recreate a large scale posh meadow with their swathes of natural planting so I think I'd like to use ordinary traditional meadow as inspiration, and bring stems and blooms from the field and nowhere else.

Meanwhile 4 pallets of mushroom compost with manure arrived and the only place the driver could drop them was in the yard where they are rather smelly and blocking everything. Do I have the energy to get barrowing? And I also have hundreds of herbs to plant, some shrubs, the house to clean and clear before the housesitter/dogsitter's arrival, dogs to walk, dog to take to the vet, people for lunch, van to pack with everything I need for Chelsea and for the Hay Festival gig (apart from the flowers) and for a wedding on Wednesday in London. Why am I sitting here?.......

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