Sunday, 11 August 2013

coming and going

Busy, bright weddings, pale weddings, wild flowers, less wild flowers, bouquets to go, bouquets to stay, and on Tuesday the new owners take possession of my former Herefordshire home and all the land. It's hard leaving my gardens. And hard packing up all those last bits and pieces. And the tunnel has been a mission and a half but happily that is going to new owners locally as it is too big for here. I have resorted to a skip as it has all become a bit impossible in the timescale....

Hard to believe I will no longer be making those trips up and down the motorway and over the bridge and into Wales and back onto the edge of those beautiful Black Mountains. But there is enough other driving to do, Bank Holiday weekend is a wedding in Kent (not very local from here but irresistible), and curiously another wedding in Kent in September, and another in Glos.... lately I feel my bum has become welded to the vanseat!

Wildflowers are having fun in the field. Very cheering.

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