Thursday, 27 November 2014

REQUEST PLEASE Photos of cut flower growing in 2014

Note to self. Must resurrect this blog now the main season is over and there is a little more time (in theory!) Three months since the last blog is not satisfactory...
Now I'm tapping the keyboard in the hope that some of you cut flower growers (experienced or complete beginners) may be interested in participating in a photo archive project.

I’m trying to collate photos to show what’s happening in cut flower growing in the Uk today. Please can you help.  If you’d like to.

I’m looking for photographs of the widest possible range of cut flower gardens/ small scale cut flower businesses which will show various approaches to cut flower growing – and the reality of the hard work and the mercurial weather.

Photos don’t have to be glamorous, I’m not looking for perfection, I’m not looking for photos of beautiful flower arrangements, just glimpses of different situations at different times of year. I’d really like to see some pictures of gardens at the down times as well as bursting with flowers. It would be great to see some gardens preparing for the season as well as in full swing. I feel that people will be just as interested to see the nuts and bolts (sowing, planting, weeding and more weeding) as much as the beautiful rewards. I would like to show different ways of cut flower gardening, on different types of sites, with different approaches.

There are two reasons for trying to collect varied images, one is for some online teaching about cut flower growing – I want to broaden this so although I'm the one with the mouth it's not just about me and my style but to show how there are many many ways to pursue cut flower growing, so everyone’s photos will be credited with your website details to provide a resource pointing to the current crop of UK growers . The other  reason is to try and get a picture of what’s going on in the cut flower growing world in 2014, partly because it would be interesting to get the broad picture, and partly because there’s a possibility of a collaborative ebook including features about different growers round the UK.

Photos need to be reasonable quality, but if you’d like to mail me some snaps first to take a look at that would be fantastic.

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as you have a chance. Preferably sooner! THANK YOU!

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