Monday, 18 May 2009

It's still raining. Usually I'm sanguine, but I have been worrying about it since 2.30am so got up early to dig a trench at first light outside the tunnel. I hope it will work.

On the brighter side, the gardens are now starting to bloom with Iris sibiricas, Hesperis matronalis sweet rocket, black and white and bright orange Oriental poppies, the last of the palest yellow tulips are still standing - they last for ages in water, gradually going stiffer rather than opening right out like the other varieties I grow - lots of euphorbias are still showing, the first of the alchemilla, early nepetas, swathes of libertia, Scilla hispanica are still flourishing and look wonderful in the early morning light that I experience daily! Alliums are starting outside and I have a few forced in the tunnel - though I seem to have lost lots of my wonderfully useful christophii last winter. There are aquilegias everywhere, some now lying flat on their faces, these are no good for regular cutting but wonderful for weddings or events where they just need to look great for a day or two. Campanulas have started to bloom but I have lost a lot on the field, mainly I fear to rabbits as their early foliage seems a favourite delicacy. Delphiniums have started blooming but have got so very bashed by the heavy rain and wind that they are struggling to hold their heads high. Sweet Williams are happily romping over the well drained bank in the top garden, but cerinthe is yellow and over wet at the base of the bank.

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