Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Flower orders

I don't know whether to be delighted or concerned that people are daily phoning to see if I can send flowers even though it does say (somewhere) on the website that my main season is from March. It would be lovely to be able to send at least some jolly nosegays but all I have is hellebores and foliages right now, and only enough for an occasional bouquet.

I confess I was putting in the last of the tulips today! Not quite on time, but it is the first opportunity I have had since rain and mud stopped play in December. It will be interesting to see what difference it makes. Also interesting to see what has survived the big freeze - I started clearing one of my more sheltered small beds today and pulled up dahlia corms (I didn't lift them because I didn't like the form so decided they could go) that are completely healthy, firm and undamaged. Sadly, many of the ones I've stored have been got by the frost even though I thought we had carefully de-soiled and dried them. I'm sure lots of other things will have turned to mush, it will be astonishing if agapanthus have survived here, and I'm sad to see that my bridal wreath Francoa looks as though it's hit the dirt. I suspect it won't be alone as we haven't had a really cold winter since I started in the field.

Last weekend's wedding was a winter wonderland - the marquee was all silver birch tree trunks, glittered leaves, hundreds of candles and crystals. The bride was adamant that she didn't want flowers but I persuaded her that the church really did need some. We put hundreds of candles in the church as well as it was an evening wedding, so it looked magical and smelt wonderful from all the little narcissi.

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