Wednesday, 20 January 2010

under snow again

Yesterday the rain stopped, the snow went, and all seemed plausible. Today we're under snow again. I had put myself down for picking all the foliages and a few winter flowers - hellebores and winter flowering honeysuckle mainly - for a wedding this weekend. I can't collect anything. So instead I think we're going to go for plan B, lots of painted stems and seedheads among whatever greeneries I can find and some white narcissi from a Cornish friend if I can get them here in time. Ironically it will probably be OK tomorrow, perhaps the snow will have gone again and flowers will be pickable but I don't feel I can quite risk it.

When the snow disappeared yesterday I could see all the mess and weeds again and remind myself that I am by now looking forward to some proper physical muddy graft!Which is just as well because although things look pretty dusted in white powder, when it melts the gardens are beginning to look a bit derelict. But for another day things still look winter-pretty.

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