Thursday, 11 February 2010

frozen seeds

I spoke too soon about getting back into the gardens. Last night it snowed again. Today the ground is frozen again. Even the tunnel feels uninviting.... So it is sorting seeds in the house - as the Rayburn is on the blink again it's not much warmer indoors than out but that probably suits the seeds fine. I'm sorting out masses of Ammi - green, white and large white - florists dill, scabious, cornflowers, very scented creamy sweet peas, catanache, eryngium and nigella hispanica to start with, all things that grow well here whatever the weather.  There will be plenty more as I get to them. Searching for a supplier or manufacturer of seed packets I had some rather surreal conversations with one supplier - I asked if they could do me plain seed packets, rather than those they were offering as promotional seed packets prepackaged with various types of flower seed. They said Yes. I asked for a price. They came back with one, having made sure I really did want plain seed packets and doublechecked that I wanted them empty. "We can do you plain empty packets but you do realise they will be sealed so they will be rather difficult to get seeds into." 

In the end I have gone back to a company I used years ago when they produced packets from my own woodblock printed kraft paper. 


  1. Hello! Happy Valentine's Day! I'm sorry to hear that you are cold! Hope the Rayburn is fixed soon!

  2. Hello there, hope your garden is about to spring into life over the pond too, yesterday we had a day full of spring-like promise, suddenly I feel terrified it's all going to happen too soon while at the other extreme I dreamt the other night that the tulips didn't emerge until July! I fear I am obsessed!