Sunday, 21 February 2010

Hurrah, bulbs are appearing after all!

Amazing how despondency lifts instantly at the sight of hundreds of little tulip greens piercing the ground, and the realisation that the narcissi in the sheltered area are daring to bud up, that camassia are roaring up in the top garden, alliums showing their silvery green foliage, hundreds of bulbs appearing everywhere, the winter flowering honeysuckle is covered in delicious scented blossoms, dark red witchazel a good complement, hellebores happy as can be. Heavens, it actually looks as though there will be flowers after all!

I think I must have been looking through blinkers the last few days as all this growth can't possibly have happened over night, or perhaps it is because I am actually taking a few days off at the end of this week so the weather is bound to be perfect for getting onto the ground then.... I'm heading for a spot of seriously cold weather for a few days, -20 or so and almost 2 metres of snow apparently in northern Sweden but a chance to catch up with an old friend, a spot of cross country skiing and visiting an agricultural research facility (presumably snow-covered glasshouses, not sure how that one works but apparently work goes on all year trialling new seeds and crops). So my prediction is perfect weather for gardening from Thursday for five days, and probably back to mud thereafter!

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