Monday, 17 May 2010


The first and last weekend off of this summer was brilliant, Michael Morpurgo's warhorse is as brilliant as reviews have stated, and thanks Tom and Ellie for a wonderful wedding party, and of course thanks to my family for taking time out to spend some relaxing time together ..... I returned to lots of very positive correspondence after the article on Saturday, if you didn't see it, Anna Pavord (big thanks) got it just right, describing the slightly obsessed gardener that I am!

It's amazing being away for even a couple of days, the gardens look further on than they did on Friday, some of the spectacular alliums have opened, and some of the darkest astrantias, and my gorgeous white Oriental poppies are popping open. I know I can't really use them in cut flowers apart from bouquets and short term displays but I do so love then..... But that was all I could really notice in the twilight, daylight is now breaking so I'm off for my early morning tour now!

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