Friday, 2 July 2010

We're off (almost)

Come and visit us if you can at Hampton Court, in the GI Pavilion 10/11. It almost feels today as though we may actually get there, just got the picking to do... and two different bride's bouquets and buttonholes to get ready today - one bride's lovely flower arranger came early this morning with bride and friends to pick and choose her own flowers which was actually rather a blessing as I was so busy with other things, but I'm not sure if it's something I would allow for anyone but friends!

My friend Sara who is a designer and brilliant at organising me has come to make sure I do get organised, which is brilliant as I do rather resemble a headless chicken, and a rather grubby one at that. We're taking two vans, one with stand stuff and one with flowers, but I'm still not sure how we're going to get everything in. I've just been making a picking list and it goes on and on and on as I don't want to forget any favourites, then I decide they're all favourites so want to take the whole field but happily I have people stopping me! I'm not selling many flowers on the stand, it's mainly just displays which I will sell off every couple of days and re-do, but I have managed to get a lovely pottery in Staffordshire to make me specially commissioned flower jugs which I hope people will love - as long as they love blue.... I do seem to have a tendency toward blue in everything I realise when I look at my list of flowers, though there are of course loads of others too.

People have been amazingly helpful, I wanted old wooden bushel boxes for the stall and had just about given up and gone for plan B when a contact phoned at the last minute and had found some for me - thanks a lot Joe...

And another brilliant thing amidst the chaos, I blew up my trusty old rotovator months agao, my fault, not enough oil, and had been quoted £350 plus to get it rebuilt as I much prefer it to anything modern. I was having a chat with the lovely man who delivers mushroom compost and asked if he might know anyone, and he said his son might be able to take a look so we put it on the back of his wagon and off he went with it. I said there was no rush, just let me know. The same evening I see his van trundling back along the lane, with my rotovator on the back. His son had mended it. It works as well as ever. And he charged me the princely sum of £50.00. What amazing service.

Anyway no time to write, but I realised I've been hopeless at keeping up to date lately and was sitting by the computer waiting for calls so...

Hope I'll get to meet some of you next week.