Friday, 23 July 2010

WWOOF? What's it all about

2 WWOOFers, a couple, arrived on Tuesday afternoon, too late to work but had said they'd stay two weeks so that was fine. He from Czech Republic, she from Poland. Fed them. Gave them the caravan (which most people love, family compete to sleep in it rather than the cottage), firewood, hot showers.... Wednesday they worked for the morning, he was an absolutely brilliant worker and got on well with everyone, she seemed to have very low energy and it was impossible to make her smile. 3 good meals. At supper he asks What's the minimum stay. Red alert. Now there's b all point having people here who don't want to be, even if it mucks up plans. She was apparently not happy.
On Thursday I go off to do the market, rather irritated because they have taken my radio from the Flower House so I can't listen to my usual early morning balm while sorting and packing for 3 hours. I leave a bit of a mess behind. Return. No clearing up has been done and no work. but that's sort of OK because I had given them the option to wait for me to return then we'd all work together for the afternoon. He helps me for the afternoon, she skulks in caravan. I give them good food to cook for themselves as it's obvious she won't appear. Morning comes. They do not appear. AT 10 I say I'll give them a lift into town but it's too soon for them apparently, he says he is still clearing up (and I have to say he did leave the caravan immaculate while she sat turning the milk sour. But it appears that also clear the fridge up rather well! They must have packed many many many sandwiches as all the provisions I got in for them plus all our workers lunch food (I leave the fridge in the Flower House full of sandwich stuff and breads, then there are biscuits and home made cakes in tins on top, and a bowl of fruit) has gone. Not a nibble of cheese, a crumb of bread, nor a banana or a biscuit left! One and a half mornings and one afternoon's work for six suppers, six breakfasts and four lunches plus warmth beds and hot water and a good kilo of cheese, two loaves of bread, half a pound of butter, a bottle of mayo, half a fruit cake, six eggs, a bottle of elderflower, half a chocolate cake and a tin of flapjacks does NOT feel like a terrifically good deal. Once again I am off WWOOFers which is a shame as I'm sure most are excellent. And I think he genuinely wanted to stay and help as he had the goodness to tell me it was a lovely place and the fact they were leaving was nothing to do with me and nothing to do with the situation. But it doesn't make it much better for me as I had put others off since I thought this couple sounded good, so now I am left without helpers at a crucial time when my main helpers are about to go on holiday for two weeks and I thought I'd got it covered. I think I need to bite the bullet and try and get an apprentice to train up, after all that is how Meg arrived with me and she is totally brilliant and a godsend.


  1. That's a bit harsh, not thieves, just maybe a bit desperate for one reason or another. I think they were not getting on too well as the man was actually very apologetic and a good worker, but his ladyfriend was not in a sensible space to come and help anyone. It's such a shame, as it is actually rather glorious here, they could have had a lovely romantic couple of weeks in the caravan, helped me, been well fed and generally had a good experience. But instead it was rubbish for all concerned.

  2. Yes, I suppose it was a bit harsh. I just think it's awful that they took advantage of what you offered them, with hardly anything in return, and then scarpered having cleaned out your fridge and cake tins. Maybe not thieves, just selfish people.