Wednesday, 10 November 2010

finally some planting

Fantastic couple of days with perfect planting weather, the first 3000 tulips and 1000 alliums are in the ground. Hoorah. I'm told so often that I should be more mechanised but actually it's rather pleasant work planting bulbs on a nice day......

An interesting approach from a local MIND garden organiser to see if we can join forces in some way so the MIND group can grow flowers for us or something of that kind. I hope we'll work something out as I've been contemplating how we could work with some social organisation or other.

And we've booked for Cottesbrooke Plant Finders Fair next June, if you don't know it, it's the one fair definitely worth going to if you're a keen gardener. lots of wonderful specialist small nurseries and beautiful garden goodies. I'm planning already!


  1. The numbers you deal in make my head swim. I'm partly jealous that you have enough land to accommodate them all, but also relieved that I don't have so many to get in the ground. Do you dig trenches? Tell me you don't dig individual holes!

  2. Land space isn't the problem here Jan, the problem is knowing where to stop as all the land that's cultivated demands more attention than it can reasonably be given and I have constantly to curb my expansionist enthusiasm! This year mini trenches seem the answer, but today's main helper prefers the dib and place method - I haven't got the perfect planting solution - Yet!