Monday, 15 November 2010

landscape fabric - hints please

The winds last week were fairly fierce here. On the far patch which is most exposed yards and yards and yards of landscape fabric paths dislodged themselves from their stakes and pins and disappeared to other areas of the field where paths really are not needed.  Does anyone have any helpful ideas how to keep the stuff down through winter gales. Last year we dug in the edges of wider strips, and weighted them down with metal gates, pallets, iron bars..... but still lost some of them in the worst weather. I suppose the solution here always has to be to plant more windbreaks but that won't help right now. All suggestions very welcome.

More funerals this week. I really like doing funeral flowers though the gardens are looking rather less than productive now! Tulips plod into the ground, as long as I do a few hundred most days we will eventually get them in, and as the last ones went in between the spells of snow and ice in January last year I'm not too worried.


  1. I have the same problem, but I have noticed that in the places where small patches of grass have self-seeded in the dirt on top of the fabric it acts as a good anchor. Seems contrary to the whole point of the fabric, I know, but it's really easy to pull it up in spring before it takes too great a hold. Other than that, my only other technique is swearing a lot. J

  2. Thanks, I'm particularly with your second technique.... And the first works for established areas but the newer paths are considering breaking free. If all else fails I may have to take them all up for the winter and put them down again in spring, then they'll have the whole year to build up plenty of weed cover..... but I do so hate doing the same jobs twice!