Sunday, 22 May 2011

joy and disappointment

Joy abundant in having Ursula and Huberta here from Austria for nearly two weeks, they have been FANTASTIC (as ever, photos will appear at some completely irrelevant time probably!) and Ursula may be starting a cut flower patch in Graz in Austria, the first in the country. I can't wait to visit...

Disappointment when I stopped for a much needed cup of coffee and sugar intake between delivering wedding flowers to the Cotswolds and North Shropshire on Friday. Ludlow Food market has a brilliant reputation and I'd never managed to get there before. In their cafe I had the most disappointingly horrible and extortionately priced carrot cake it has ever been my misfortune to  buy. I am rather keen on cake, but I couldn't eat it, dry, gritty, and maybe worst of all, full of unwished for coconut....

Slight panic about flowers for the Chelsea gig today. Very very stormy. Very very flat blooms! Yet another rethink necessary!

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