Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Photos from the second April wedding

I'm extremely spoilt to have Bill Tingey also taking amazing pictures of my flowers, he just sent me these from the second April wedding, (very low res on screen) where he came to the studio the night before to see me making things up with extremely dirty hands (I hadn't realised how disgraceful my hands are until I saw them through his lens!!) and it's amazing to see my flowers through someone else's eyes.We're hoping to do a lot more work together, watch this space..... Thanks SO much Bill.


  1. Ha - this made me laugh. My main evening job besides dinner is the scrubbing of the nails! I am becoming obsessed by finding the right nail brush that will actually have some kind of impact on my disgusting, ingrained fingers. People ask me round to eat because it will "save you the chore of cooking when you're so busy". What they don't realise is that getting clean enough to go out is far more time-consuming! Jan

  2. I'm afraid it's not the fault of the nail brush here, more the lack of sensible personal grooming regime - I did actually go out yesterday to buy two new different nail brushes as I have an idea I ought to clean up for the Chelsea gig, but I can't seem to find them already......