Tuesday, 14 February 2012

February = first wedding of the year

I do so love taking a bit of the wilder countryside up to the City, Saturday saw Piper and Sam's wedding at the Barbican, and it was all a little curious the week before as we were blanketed in snow on and off! Luckily Piper only wanted pale neutral colours and whites with greens to go in the tropical conservatory and contrast with the wilder blooms in there. Happily the freeze abated long enough for me to pick non-frozen delicious paperwhites and hellebores and bundles of pretty little snowdrops outside and the tunnel was raided for a few earliest tulips and ranunculus and other narcissi to go with winter honeysuckle and lots of foliages. The cottage was full of scent as everything was brought inside to the warmth so things could open up! Happily the anticipated Friday snow stayed off so I got there OK..... Tables were covered in pewter pots and vintage glass bottles of snowdrops and hellebores with paperwhites and foliage, elsewhere I mixed whatever I had for simple but wildish vases full. Everyone seemed happy!

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