Wednesday, 18 April 2012

wet wedding fever

One reason that I have been away from blogging has been that it has been full on here, not just with wedding orders and trying to get the gardens in some sort of spring shape, but because we have a wedding here this weekend and I have been bring to get the place to look more like a wedding venue than a building site. It has been quite an effort but it was looking lovely earlier this week before the rain came and the sleet and the hail and more rain. Anyway, I'm sure all will be well and photos will follow! As I write a bunch of chaps are erecting the wedding yurt in the pouring rain, and the place is inevitably getting muddier by the minute as they tramp round and round it without putting anything on the ground. The structure looks quite lovely, and I think Rowan and Dan were right to go for an option with a wood stove which may well be more necessary than decorative. I have been rather worried that the yurt company refuse to provide any flooring apart from tarps and cocomatting, (in fact its the one thing I've been stressing over) as I reckon about 100 chairs on soft ground could be a little interesting, but the bride and groom are convinced it's all fine so I'm trying hard to ignore my worries.... To stop my personal stress levels rising with the mud levels the ever helpful Greg of Llangwathan Marquees came to my rescue and has dropped off lots of linking flooring/tracking to go outside and stop the mud spreading everywhere so I can breath a sigh of relief that at least the whole place shouldn't turn into a total mudfest, though it's already getting there. And the rain continues! It is rather a shame.

Lots of wedding bouquets have been going out, the double white tulips are ever popular at this time of year, and finally we have a good crop of lily of the valley.  I'm particularly loving some complex deeper pink tulips..... And the order book is looking exciting. Now I just need the flowers to grow!

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