Friday, 27 April 2012

a trickle of pictures, a deluge of rain

Pictures trickle in from friends and family of my daughter's wedding, before the main ones from the photographer in a week or two. 

The bride looked divine, the bride's mother looked like an eccentric orangey red tulip, the bridegroom wore a dandelion buttonhole (as requested), confetti was homemade from our dried flowers, the yurt looked very jolly with beautiful bunting made by the groom's mother, some huge blue glass vases full of foliage, camassia ,white tulips and Solomon's seal, three small hanging globes and lots of bright cheerful jugs on tables on top of runners  spotted in a Balinese market in January and instantly earmarked for the day..... Rowan's posy included significant flowers - hellebores from my mother's garden, rosemary ditto, myrtle for tradition, pale blue brunnera because of the colour, bluebells because they are a favourite flower, yellow ranunculus because Dan's favourite colour is yellow but I didn't want to put dandelions in the bouquet, lily of the valley for their special scent and double white tulips for something traditionally bridal to go with the ivory Belle and Bunty dress. I did think of just giving her a generous handful of bluebells which would have been lovely but I didn't have many proper ones in the garden and thought better of gleaning bucketfuls from the woods....

And ever since the wedding it has rained, and poured, and deluged. The site is now a muddy swamp with puddles, lakes and mini rivers. And finally, after months of stressing about having everything looking lovely,  I just don't mind!


  1. Looks gorgeous, Charlie. Really love the smaller, traily hanging globes. Can't believe you took this on as well as presumably continuing to work! Here's wishing you a chance to rest (and some sunshine). Jan