Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Admin improvement on the way!

OK, I probably need to apologise to all you lovely brides who get rather poor communication from me sometimes. I promise it is not that I am ignoring you, and I really do understand that it is your special day and want to help make that happen in any way I can, but often I am just so busy that I don't have time for a proper chat about details about weddings that are several months, or years (sometimes) away because i would rather not chat than have a quick conversation in a terrific hurry. So I do put you off sometimes and I apologise. But things are set to improve. Anna Hicks, who is not only an exceptionally talented  garden designer but also a wonderful business person is coming into the business with me to find ways of making the admin side work a whole lot better. I can hardly believe that she actually wants to take hold of all the business bits that I actually find rather tedious so I have time for the bits I am better at. So in future I should have time to talk to people rather than trying to keep fifty balls in the air and juggle them to hope none will fall. Fantastic. Thanks so much Anna!

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