Tuesday, 19 June 2012

was that a weekend?

Once again a weekend flies by and once again I don't pick up a camera - lovely wedding and nearby, half Sri Lankan so Buddhist and Christian. And very very very wet, but it was still lovely and everyone was very very very happy. Me too with urnfuls of crambe and larkspur, lots of froth and peonies on the sills, jugs and wedgwood white vases full of roses and summer flowers, simple loose bouquets.... but I'd got the cake flower instructions wrong so there was a last minute attempt at floral circlets for each layer while the clock ticked.  There was also a 21st party on Friday night and a lunchtime party on Saturday. Somehow everything happened and all were pleased. I was knackered and drove to a party and nearly fell asleep at the wheel to be woken from nodding off by the floors cascading onto the windscreen. Whoops. I appeared briefly at the party then went to a friend's house to sleep. Not terrifically exciting on the social front but sleep was good!

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