Saturday, 30 March 2013

And your question is?

In answer to many questions. For early production in most parts of the Uk you do need a tunnel. 

But apart from that, spot the difference:

The garden on the Welsh borders this week

And the garden in Dorset


  1. I think it is amazing how we seem to be bypassed by the snow. In past years being up on top of Eggardon looking over the Marshwood Vale all covered in white Bridport it's self is often still brown and green.

    Hope everything is going ok and you are settled in.

    1. Thanks, all is good now the weather has dried up a bit and I can attempt some cultivation at last! Some of the perennials still sitting bare rooted are beginning to look a little fed up so I do hope I'll find homes for more of them this week. It's an exciting time!