Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Kitchen flowers

Not just for orphan lambs  (and bountiful baking, I think I shall eventually burst if I keep cooking as much as I have been since coming down here, an Aga is a wonderful thing but also a tyrannical beast, telling me constantly to bake bake bake as it's costing me money not to) today the Aga  has also been a useful flower warmer. I have been worrying for months about a wedding going out today as the wedding is on Saturday but there are no couriers to deliver on Friday morning, so flowers have to sit around an extra day.

As it happens, rather than worrying about them going over, my main concern has been trying to get buds popped and started into flowering so they're not all tightly furled, not a good look. So buckets and buckets sat on the table near the Aga all night and looked a bit more hopeful this morning. I know, it's exactly what I would usually advise people not to do.

Building work starts next week, more chaos. The trouble is, now that I've been here a couple of months the need for doing anything seems rather irrelevant even though I know really that things need doing. Certainly it will be a good idea to mend the roof, and stop the electrics being scarily dodgy, and I am looking forward to making a lighter brighter sunnier kitchen. I briefly looked rather quickly at the idea of a new kitchen, feeling rather bamboozled and indecisive one day. And just as swiftly reverted to plan A, new worktops, new cupboard fronts, return of the original sink that has been in the garden now for almost 35 years, and old freestanding cupboards coming back in. ...... Who needs to hide a fridge behind a door when I can just as easily hide it through the wall in another room? Why have so many kitchens become banks of doors?

It's dry. But freezing, literally. The flowers that stayed outside in the store last night had  n layer of ice around their stems. Roll on spring.

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