Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Help at last

WWOOFers have started arriving - helpers from the Working Weeks on Organic Farms organisation where people get board and lodging in return for half a day's work per day for as long as they stay. The gardens are in desperate need of assistance as my wonderful gardener Meg has been unable to keep up with little assistance from me as I have been too  busy doing picking, packing, admin and organising to even get into the gardens for days at a time. Now we need a concerted effort before the weeds win. As you may be able to see from the photo the wicker weeders are not doing a good job!

Today I picked peonies, astrantia, libertia, sisyrinchia, phygelius, alchemilla, scabious, conrnflower, delphinium, camassia, nigella, daisies, stocks, cerinthe, physocarpus, pittosporum....

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