Saturday, 20 June 2009

Saturday June 20th

No weddings this weekend, so a bit of time to clear up - it has been terrifically windy in the field so the big blue campanulas and delphiniums have been pointing groundwards and will probably be over before the two weddings next weekend. Larkspur in the tunnel is beginning to bloom so that will probably be the main attraction with smaller campanulas, ammi, veronicas and veronicastrums for the spires. Bouquets this week have included alliums, astrantia, sisyrinchium, love in the mist, palest mauve and deep magenta knautia, sweet peas, cornflowers..... some of them have been very frothy on account of alchemilla which just begs to be used. I can't believe we are still weeding madly, but we have just about got through the annual areas and will then have time to water the rest thoroughly and cover with the mushroom compost which is still blocking the thoroughfare.

My mind has been turning to buttonholes and bouquets the past two or three days as one wedding next weekend requires about 40. The flowers need to be quite strong to make enough of a statement. I hope sweet peas will be flourishing madly for bridesmaid's bouquets next week, they were good for a couple of weeks only in the tunnel which then got a bit hot for them I think, but they're looking good in the top garden - very pale with a purplish rim, very scented, lovely for weddings.

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