Saturday, 6 June 2009

sunshine and rain

It's been the hottest week so far and flowers have been bursting out so fast. Beautiful iris sibirica in pale blue, lilac, and royal blue as well as white have been stunning but flowers are over in a flash when it's really hot. Love in the mist is flourishing, stocks and pinks and gloriously scented, and sweet peas are scenting the tunnel beautifully although all the colours are very pale so far.

I've been up at 4.30 latest every day this week so today am having my first day off in weeks, glad to have the rain doing the watering! The first WWOOFer  stayed three days but now the rain has come she has gone, realising that outdoor work was perhaps not for her,  but the second is brilliant, very positive and eager to please as well as very helpful. I've had no time in the gardens this week and am having to reconsider priorities - I guess the early days of any business are working out the best ways forward and the best use of my time as how best to use helpers. The weeds are getting a bit alarming in some areas but checked in others.

The first wedding pictures from last weekend's weddings have started to come in, I hope there will be more in a few days.

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