Saturday, 10 October 2009

Frosts arrive

It's hard to believe it's almost the end of the main season, in some ways it has been a long hard slog this year and in other ways it has been such a thrill - though there have been plenty of occasions when I wish I'd started it when I was twenty years younger..... that's more to do with the fact I am a terribly poor sleeper rather than the physical work, but I'm working on the sleep and I'm sure one night I will have a full night's sleep for the first time in about a decade! Monty Don's charming researcher came round this week to pick my brains about how to start a cut flower business, for the book to accompany his next year's TV venture on smallholdings. I'm not appearing in the TV programme so giving all the info was a bit odd, on the one hand I desperately want the message to spread, I want more people to grow flowers, I want more customers to choose British and preferably traditional flowers, on the other hand it's a bit weird giving away everything I know without my name even attached to it but I realise that everyone does it so differently, has such different ideas, methods and tolerances .... there's always a part of me that assumes that everyone else will do it so much better and be so much better organised than me but we are all individual and it's wonderful that there is so much interest in good old-fashioned home grown non-imported flowers. 

I made damson cheese, quince jelly, quince cheese, fig and chilli chutney and we opened a bottle of the second batch of elderflower champagne this week. What with all that bounty and all the flowers I reckon we have a pretty good life here!

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