Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Mixed blessings

I realised this week how personally involved I am with my flowers, and business, and how much it means to me. On Sunday I received a disappointed email from a bouquet recipient where the flowers hadn't lasted properly. It threw me into a flat spin, for more than a few moments I lost the plot, I wanted to give everything up, decided I was hopeless and all was a disaster..... I contacted the disappointed recipient immediately of course and arranged to send more flowers on Monday but I felt dreadful, I really want people to love these flowers and receive something beautiful. Then on Monday, by complete chance, I received two emails from people who had received bouquets on the same day as the disappointed recipient all saying how lovely the flowers were. So I felt I could possibly continue after all... I don't know what went wrong with the unsatisfactory flowers, it should never have happened, there is no excuse, and I thank the recipient for being so understanding and for sweetly mailing me when the replacement arrived to say how gorgeous they were. 

It is definitely getting towards the end of the main season. I do have plenty of flowers left, but it is now becoming the season for other tasks, cutting back, clearing, moving, dividing, propagating. I'm looking forward to all of it. Next year I want everything to be stupendous!


  1. I'm that way with teaching. If something goes wrong or an administrator comes in when kids are noisy and things appear disorganized, I start thinking about quitting. I can't quit though! We like to please. Your flowers are wonderfully pleasing to me!