Monday, 26 October 2009

Good things

Amazing how things happen just when they're needed sometimes - I've had flu for a few days, have masses to do and was beginning to panic about getting trenches dug for the tulips, getting compost spread etc etc quite apart from starting propagating and sorting out the tunnel. Along comes an unexpected WWOOFer for a week, he is making great inroads on the tulip trenches... and last week I got a new part time recruit who is very happy to spend all day barrowing compost. Thank you both! Oh yes and one of them is a homeless man and one of them is a bank manager who was forced into early retirement, life is interesting.
And today I have just had an unexpected email from Wedding Flowers magazine that they're doing a spread in their Feb/March issue featuring a wedding I did in May last year. Thank you to all concerned there too.
And next week I'm having my first break of the year (yes I know it's ridiculous but it's been a busy year) going up to Northumberland for a few days - where I grew up. How lovely it will be if it stays dry, but even if it doesn't it will be lovely to visit old haunts. 

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