Friday, 12 March 2010

Mothering Sunday

Happy Mother's day this Sunday to all mums out there, and thanks to all daughters and sons who ordered flowers. I had fully intended to take some lovely pictures of your flowers as they went out but as usual I forgot that everything always takes exactly as long as I've got so there wasn't a moment to pick up the camera. 

The most embarrassing confession is that every single flower I could find has been sent out so I'm off to my mother's tomorrow and tonight I have to bake a Simnel cake as I really don't have a lovely bouquet of flowers to take her - her garden is totally beautiful and brilliant and much further south so further on so I think a bouquet of just different greeneries from me would be a bit of a cop-out.....  But at least it might be a surprise to get a cake as I guess she always expects flowers from me!

The one downside to having lovely flowers is that no-one ever thinks of giving me flowers any more!

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