Friday, 5 March 2010

Seeds for sale - Ammi visnaga

As I sort seeds to sow and sell I realise that we have a very good quantity of Ammi visnaga (Green Mist) seed. For some reason it has been hard to get hold of in this country, but if anyone is interested in buying some please email me - £1.50 + first class stamp for a packet with several hundred seeds, I know it's a lot of seeds but they're very very tiny and I wouldn't know where to begin to find a way of counting and weighing them!

These Ammi stand a good 90cm tall, the picture above is a rather young flower but plants have a mixture of darker green and off white heads, their foliage is finer (a lovely waft of good dark green filigree fern like foliage all up the stems) but their stems and heads are chunkier than the white ammi and fantastic picked with many of the domed flower heads showing marked spiral forms. Lovely!

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