Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Solomon's seal

It wasn't fair of me to suggest that only things I don't want so much multiply like crazy. And nor is it fair to keep moaning about how late spring is as it does actually mean that there is the chance to get on to some jobs that usually get missed because everything is rushing forward so fast by now.

This morning I went to fetch the barrow from one area of the garden, and was intending to go and do a completely different task, but as I passed the bed where a small but congested patch of Solomon's seal appears happily each year I thought I'd just try and give it a quick weed. Then realised of course that it was so tangled in grass to be unweedable (which is why I leave it each year and forget about its needs as it seems too much of a job hen there is so much to do), then decided to give it a chance and clear it a bit. Poor plants, they had got so congested the shoots were stacking up several storeys deep. The patch is less than a metre square. It took me well over 2 hours just to lift and separate. And I must have replanted getting on for 100 little plants.

Just as well some things are happy. Mice (I assume) did for all my winter sweet peas, but in fact they probably wouldn't have been very advanced anyway given the slow start. And some of my early sown seeds have struggled while those sown two weeks later have been quite happy. I never learn, it really is better to wait, things do catch up.

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