Monday, 28 February 2011

Well it made me laugh this morning!

"Hello, I'm an artist putting on an event in London at the end of March and I'm looking for long stemmed British organic edible flowers. Can you help?"
"Well I'd love to but I fear it just may not be possible then."
"I thought roses would be lovely."
"Yes. I think you might be hard put to find organic roses anywhere in the world in March and definitely not in UK."
"Ah. Well I have a list here of all the edible flowers I might like. Shall I send it to you?"
"It's very thoughtful of you, but I think I only have poisonous long stemmed flowers then."

Anyone wanting to munch on tulips, hellebores, euphorbia.........? I suppose ranunculus might just not be inedible but I don't think I'd want to try. Two years ago I had to do 12 identical edible long stemmed bouquets for a film prop. That was hard enough in June.

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