Thursday, 3 March 2011

starting simple

Sometimes the simplest can be the loveliest, this morning I was particularly taken with the last of the snowdrops and a few hellebores for the kitchen table.

Apparently we're in Homes and Gardens magazine now, they are very early with their April issue, local shops are still stocking March so I haven't seen the copy as I haven't been sent one yet but I do remember a lovely French photographer coming last spring and taking lots of close ups. We're also in Wedding Flowers mag this month but I haven't seen that yet either....

I'm trying to get to grips with some of the weeds. Slowly. And lots of dividing and moving. The later flowering cream camassias seem to have been breeding wildly and I kept myself awake last night trying to decide where to transplant all the babies - ridiculous, probably not the number one priority!

We will be starting the mail out season with Mothering Sunday flowers. This year I'm planning on big bunches of tulips or narciss with a few ranunculus, greenery and willows, plus a posy of anemones. (note to get it posted on the website soon). I still can't tell exactly what will be out. But we also have a huge wedding the same weekend so there's a bit of organising to do and I'm going to ask customers to place orders before 29th March as I know there will be absolutely no office time after that.

One dog still under the weather and the other went under the knife yesterday to have a lump removed so the house is very oddly quiet.

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