Tuesday, 1 May 2012

another week and it just gets colder and wetter

What a difference a week makes. Now we are under water! I love complex tulips with many many layers but they are now all rotting in the field, literally.....and it's impossible to weed as everything is drowning     it's not good, but on the bright side all the trees I planted when it was hot and dry (remember that ) early in April are very happy!

It looked quite nice for Rowan and Dan's wedding though, so I am just completely relieved that the weather hadn't completely turned then!

rotting tulips

brave ranunculus trying to flower and grow among weeds and cold water

the day after the wedding

a little wetter now!

The former Flower Studio, now just for courses and overspill accommodation

David Tenniel a favourite but hopeless in the wet

The Red Cross Fair was on the wettest windiest most unpleasant cold vile day of the year, but still brave people came (some) and a lot of time was spent pulling vans and other vehicles out of the mud. Not joyous, and no point in selling all the seeds we had carefully collected, or all the plants we had carefully raised as it was so very very very wet outside. On the possible plus side I have lots of seeds of ammis, bupleurum, nigellas, scabious, florist dill........ £2 a packet and loads of seeds for your cash.

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