Sunday, 27 May 2012

Jilly Cooper meets Geoff Hamilton?

My latest fun reading is Dig Plant and Bitch from Noel Kingsbury. Known for his seriously knowledgeable books on gardening planting and plant genetics, this is one for fun. If you want a salacious chuckle at all those people in the gardening world that you have come across, mixed with loads of really rather excellent gardening advice, get onto Kindle and have a good giggle.  Noel bills it as the world's first soap opera for gardeners, and it is a hoot.  What Jilly Cooper does for badly behaved cotswold types Noel does for gardeners. Sex and stereotypes with a huge dollop of glee. Garden designers, ghastly garden owners, pagans, bad haircuts, bamboo and bamboozling - and many unhealthy habits. The perfect bedtime reading, but when are the next instalments due Noel?

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