Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Many apologies for making bride's and/or their families go into anxious meltdown.  It's Ok. Really. There are flowers despite everything. I promise!  (The only difficulty is when someone has ordered something very very specific - eg a bride who desperately wanted roses and cornflowers and sweet peas in three weeks. Usually that would have been fine too but this year it's not an option.)

No time to take masses of pics today for further reassurance but the jugs above were picked four days ago. We do somehow manage to sort flowers out whatever the weather. It may mean we have to drive them rather than courier them  - we drove buckets to London rather than couriering them the weekend before last as damp flowers don't keep so well and although they probably would have been fine I wanted to  make completely sure. It may mean you get a slightly unexpected choice but you do get flowers, and you do get the kind of flowers that you want. If you've asked for specifics, or very specific colours, I get in touch to discuss it with you if there is any shortfall. Please Don't Worry!

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