Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Frustration and flooding

So much for my great intention to keep the  blog updated with progress as I get stuck into the new gardens.....

1. Everything is still fairly much flooded so there is very little garden progress!

The only way I can get on line is by sitting at an upstairs windowsill with a mobile dongle as there is almost no mobile

This has been preoccupying me rather...... the new line and broadband was ordered on 20th or 22nd November, promised for 12th December, and still nothing has happened, the most recent promised date has been 23rd January. In desperation I got onto the local MP last Wednesday, his office responded really swiftly, sending missives to the relevant people. BT responded on Monday by sending me a message to say that the line has now been PUT BACK BY ANOTHER TWO WEEKS!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Nightmare! Have been wondering how you are getting on. I'm waiting for the ground to unfreeze and willing spring to arrive so I can get started. Hope BT sort you out soon.