Monday, 28 January 2013

raining, technology

Sad, but the exciting point of my day is right now when it is just so wonderful to use working broadband (I've escaped to a gorgeous cafe in Bridport to catch up) as nothing based on mobile technology is working at all at home today as it is just SO windy and rainy.

Experimentally, I am going to plant some heavy duty perennials straight into/onto the roughly dug clay in some areas of the garden as I don't believe it is ever going to dry out enough to cultivate properly. I have a feeling it could work if very well surrounded by mulch.

All the plants in the field in bags and boxes are fine but beginning to sprout and some are suffering a bit from mould from being damply encased in damp woven plastic dumpy bags.

I'll be running courses later this year on the Perennial Cutting Garden. I'm planting most of my perennials in the garden rather than the (uncultivated and currently unapproachable) field, and it is a chance to plan beautiful cutting herbaceous beds. Of course there's not nearly enough space to run the business just from the garden, but there's more than enough space to illustrate different cutting planting schemes.

So, in between the horrors of the continuing BT saga and impossibility of communication, lots of exciting ideas are brewing.

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  1. I'm reading this smiling to myself thinking that I am going to be sitting in a Bridport Cafe using broadband as I am about to move out of my Bridport Cottage to a cottage in Symondsbury with my partner. Idyllic but....... No phone line, no Internet!!! How will I manage and adapt??? Best I find that cafe!!