Tuesday, 1 January 2013

HAPPY 2013

Happy New Year everyone from my new home and garden. After weeks of rain today the sun came out, the sky was blue, we walked along the nearby beach, all was right with the world. The witchhazel in front of the house is in full bloom, winter flowering cherries are out, and I picked three deep red roses.

But otherwise all is in waiting until something here dries out as the ground is utterly and completely sodden.

I'm going to start the year using bulbs and the first spring flowers from the old gardens, and use flowers from there as well as whatever comes up here for a while until these get established. First they need to get in the ground as they're still sitting in boxes after their journey down here, and their new homes are not yet at all ready for them. But all will happen!

Let's hope it's a wonderful year to come.

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